M-Bet is a highly favored sports betting site in Kenya, regularly attracting new customers. The brand has gained a substantial number of followers from countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania.

The Sportsbook has been providing a broad spectrum of sports to bet on since its establishment in 2017, with football standing out as the top favorite. It delivers a unique experience, especially for beginners and average bettors who are more interested in finding their preferred sport to bet on than navigating intricate features like customizable casinos or live streams. Keep reading to explore more about the statistics and features of this Sportsbook and determine if it’s worth your while.

Loyalty Bonus 10 000 TZS
  • Excellent Support
  • In-Play Betting
  • High odds




Live streaming is not offered by them.


As previously mentioned, betting in M-Bet is legal and safe in Kenya, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania.



Nowadays, bookmakers provide a multitude of betting options on various sports games to gambling enthusiasts. Thoroughly understanding the theory of betting prior to deciding where to place a bet on Mbet TZ can greatly increase the chances of achieving a win online. The final odds in sports betting are influenced by the dynamic and static transaction parameters. This includes totals, odds, and all sorts of technical details that affect the game outcome.

The Mbet TZ bookmaker leads the development of sports betting. They provide top-tier sports betting options and facilitate easy selection for users. Their website features an intuitive interface and well-structured data, making it easier for beginners to find essential information. You can quickly choose the sports betting that interests you online, even on your phone.

The following advantages are associated with the Mbet TZ bookmaker:

Punters often prefer to mix various strategies to formulate more profitable bets. The ability to choose specific sports and analyze them is crucial.

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M-bet bookmaker is focused on football betting. Their database exclusively includes pertinent football competitions, leagues, and individual matches featuring top teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The company does not offer live betting – players can only track the progress of a match through a display board.

The coupon allows users to select one or multiple game outcomes. Each event is separately listed by the bookmaker. The following bets can be placed on the website: actual event outcome, double chance, handicap game, victory in specific match segments, etc. The company offers betting on top global leagues like the English Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, League 1, the Champions League, the Europa League, and more. After placing a bet, you can check live results in real-time under the “Live Games” tab.


While we may not have a positive view on pre-match betting with fixed odds, we have nothing but praise for the jackpot game Perfect 12. This game, operated by a betting company, is one of Tanzania’s most popular games. As a result, it accumulates the highest jackpot amounts. To illustrate, in the summer of 2018 alone, two bettors won big jackpots worth 240 million and 126 million Tsh respectively.

The jackpot is usually within this range, meaning you too can win such a prize if you successfully meet the game requirement of correctly predicting the winners of 12 football matches. The game enters a new stage daily and the entry fee is just 1 000 Tsh.

On the Perfect 12 game page, you’ll notice that the bookie requires you to provide predictions for an additional 5 matches. These predictions are only considered if there are void bets or matches from the primary list of 12 that have been cancelled.


Placing a bet on this bookmaker’s site is fairly straightforward. Simply adhere to the guidelines outlined in these 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Click the Sports Betting button.

Step 2

Once open, it will display the day’s best matches with the best odds. Click on the odds of the matches to choose your bet. Keep in mind, the minimum number of matches per ticket is two, and the minimum stake is 1,000.00 Tsh.

Step 3
mbet logo

Once you’re done selecting matches, proceed to the M-Bet Calculator!

In M-bet Calculator, you need to select two elements:

After doing these two things, click on SUBMIT BETTING SLIP (MALIZA) to proceed to the final step.

Step 4

To pay the ticket, simply visit M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, or HaloPesa and follow the instructions listed below:




The bonuses offered by M-Bet sportsbook betting differ from country to country. To place your initial bet, you must first set up an account and deposit money. New bettors with minimal betting experience are advised to consider the Welcome Bonus as a starting point. M-Bet provides two daily promotions: Loyalty and Referral Incentives. The first offer applies to both new and regular users.

To illustrate, in Tanzania, bettors get a reward of 1,000 TZS for every ten tickets they purchase, with the bookie accepting 10,000 TZS. There are no restrictions on games, matches, or odds for bonus bets. Another incentive is a referral bonus. When a bettor introduces a new client to Mbet, they receive 2,000 TZS. The process is straightforward. The referral should be registered on mbet.co.tz where bets up to 5,000 TZS with odds of 1.3 or higher can be placed.

While in Kenya, M-Bet offers numerous exciting bonuses that can enhance the total payout of your bets. They provide a Ksh350 sign-up bonus to any new user who successfully completes the registration process.

Furthermore, a Ksh50 bonus will be credited to your account when you download the M-Bet mobile app.

M-Bet sweetens the deal by offering a generous 135 percent bonus on winnings from multiple bets. Furthermore, you can earn a 20 percent referral bonus if your referrals secure a win within a month.

And in Zambia;

M-Bet currently does not offer a promotional code to activate bonuses. In the world of betting platforms, the significance of rewards is immense as they serve to attract and retain players. However, at this time, mbet.co.za does not provide a bonus. This might be due to the fact that they are confident in the superior odds they offer and feel no need to lure new players with giveaways. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to stay vigilant as they may decide to introduce new incentives for their players at any time.


Mobile Version of M-Bet

The application’s options and features are identical to those on the website. There is now even greater convenience for those who want to play with M-Bet on their mobile devices. The rewards provided differ slightly depending on the deposit and withdrawal options. The website is typically updated more frequently than the mobile apps. Please be aware that some in-app benefits can expire.

Reasons to Bet with the M-Bet app

The revolutionary, one-of-a-kind features of the M-Bet mobile app have simplified betting for users. The MBet app offers a notification feature that alerts users to significant developments and upcoming or ongoing events, so they don’t miss out on essential information. The M-Bet mobile app can educate friends or the public about sporting events. These are the standout elements of the app’s many features. Betting with M-Bet is much safer because it was established in Tanzania and has a license from the Tanzania Gaming Authority.

M-Bet App promotions and special offers

Whenever M-Bet publishes, it does not provide promotions to its consumers, regardless of the platform (website or mobile app). Previously, the business offered welcome and deposit bonuses to its clients. We therefore anticipate fresh initiatives and marketing campaigns to improve the app


Individuals looking to place bets on their preferred sports can make use of wagers, promotions, and transactions. A bookie leans on the firm’s security protocols to guarantee the safety of these transactions. Although M-Bet has its imperfections, it remains an excellent platform for gamblers to bet on football and other significant sports. With its extraordinary customer service, it stands out as one of the preeminent betting websites worth revisiting.

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