Privacy Policy

BettingTanzania Privacy Policy – How we protect your information

Your privacy is very important to us at BettingTanzania. Therefore, we have a strict Privacy Policy that explains how we collect, use and protect our users’ data.

Our Privacy Policy covers topics such as:

What information we collect from you such as name, address, age and betting records.

For what purposes do we use this information, mainly to provide our services and serve you better.

When and how we share data anonymously with third parties for research. We never sell your data directly.

Advanced security and encryption measures applied to protect your sensitive information.

Your rights in relation to your data, such as access, correction, deletion and portability.

How we store and retain different types of data and for how long.

Procedure for contacting us about privacy and making formal complaints if necessary.

Therefore, please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand in detail our data use practices. If you still have questions, please feel free to get in touch – we are always happy to clarify any points and listen to your concerns.

Your privacy matters. This is our commitment at BettingTanzania.